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Though hard to see on this side of eternity while still in the body, all the unfathomably horrible pain and agonizing grief found in this world with its war, poverty, disability, starvation and abuse, though harrowing tortures, are truly a merciful balm allowed for the healing of those sick and lost in sin, encouraging requisite repentance unto salvation; this being permitted by God by His love and justice, recognizing and respecting freewill, allows us to reap the gruesome consequences of our misguided actions and choices, in order that we might by our God given freewill, call out to God who having appeared in our same weak physical form as Jesus, so His mercy can deliver us from a far worse eternity of unspeakable suffering beyond the grave, a torment far beyond any earthly proportions from which no deliverance is possible, as escape is only attainable while still in the body here in this world.

In light of this fact, a fool is one who gambles with his time in this world thinking he can live a life of sin, then confess and repent just before death; sadly to discover that death without warning can land him outside the body without the very physical foundation necessary to have any thought of repentance valid and recognizable.



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Having accumulated a great deal of information, this page begun twenty-one years ago, now needs grooming according to the wisdom gained over the years since it beginning. It's hoped that this page can be carefully rebuilt piece by piece so its true value, like flecks of gold can be sorted from the sand, dust and debris from years of learning, to be presented new once again.