Temporal river flowing home, merging in the here and now, where the future, from its banks, drifts inward on streams from fields and woodlands of the past; in total accord with

Relativistic Space-Time Physics


GPS Atomic Clocks



Though hard to see while still in the body here on this side of eternity, that all unfathomably horrible pain and agonizing grief found in this world, with its war, poverty, disabilities, starvation and abuse, these harrowing tortures as difficult as it may be to recognize, are truly a merciful balm allowed for the healing of those sick and lost in sin; acting to encourage the requisite repentance unto salvation; being permitted by God in love and justice, recognizing and respecting freewill, allows us to reap the gruesome consequences of "our" misguided actions and choices, in order that we might, by that same freewill, call out to Him as He appears in the Son of Man; for an escape from far worse than any of the afore-mentioned horrors found in an eternity of unspeakable suffering beyond the grave, a torment far beyond earthly proportions, from which no deliverance is possible; as escape is only attainable while still in a physical body here in this world.



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