Aeronautical Airborne

March 18, 2017


Motley Picnic


KL7OT Antenna Installation



Whether aeronautical airborne, mushing dogs on the Yukon River Ice Road, or in the bush helping friends set up an HF antenna on the Tozitna River, Lee Wareham (KL7DTH) has a wealth of inspiring tales, yarns, and stories that keeps me and others tuned to his next transmission. Like finding a rare gold nugget in an arctic stream, Lee's presence on the air provides a great opportunity to capture the rare, vital and rapidly vanishing art of story telling.  Lee's life is a rich one, brimming with new blood folklore, legend and tradition; tales born of a life which has assailed the rights of passage winning the prize found only by those who have sought and fought to find the color in the sluice pan. Lee has become a living legend of trap line entertainment, the standard for aspiring Alaska hams who seek to better their way in the art and science of Amateur Radio, those who seek to get their signal out as well as to hear the weak ones so often missed. Whether it be at his homestead in Tanana or at Thunderbird Falls near Eagle River; you can certainly hear him daily when a thorough final sweep is needed at 02:00 UTC on 3920 KHz as Lee "ties the ribbon on for the Snipers Net "final call."

It is my sincere hope to hook up with Lee and document for others the great stories I have so much enjoyed. Having sent communications to Lee, I now wait to hear from him so efforts to coordinate a time and place to start recording his immense library of real life tales can begin.  





Audio Feeds

20170318_1723B Flying North Side Alaska Range talking to Barb and Mike
20170317_172924 Talking to Barb about the unique hams on 3840 kHz