Personal Testimony


During my later teen years began experimenting with drugs in the psychedelic category. Later, after a number of years of university studies, began researching substances with unique psycho physical properties; among which were substances capable of increasing memory ability. During these university years, skills with manipulating chemical compounds developed.  It wasn’t long before simple purification skills made it possible to separate toxic impurities from substances like cocaine.

During these years, my associations were with both university students and faculty members, as well as with purveyors of street level drugs. During a meeting with Bob an economically impoverished friend who was also a drug dealer, he warned about one individual present in the room one night; the fellow I was warned to watch out for and stay away from was a very tough looking man with dark circles under his eyes; my friend told me confidentially that this man was working for the Mafia, where he ran drugs over the Mexican border in false bottom water tanker trucks. Immediately I took definite note of this individual of dubious character. 

One night, some three weeks later, a knock came on my door; opening the door was shocked to find Bob my dealer friend wearing a three piece pastel blue suit instead of his usual tattered dirty jeans, immediately behind Bob was the very man from the Mafia he had warned me to avoid.  Instantly paralyzing fear ran through my body as I stood there speechless. Bob’s eyes darted back and forth trying to make me aware of the man behind him, he said in muffled urgent fearful tone, “Let us in..let us in!”  Everything in my mind said this was wrong, yet fear had me and I motioned them in. 

The man from the Mafia wasted no time and took out a parcel of cocaine which he said was mixed with a filler that he wanted me to perform extraction and purification on. Fear continued to build in my heart, feeling like a dog cornered by an aggressively dangerous threat. The man from the Mafia continued to speak mixing words with subtile threats if I failed to do his bidding. All the horrible thoughts of Mafia style killings and torture flooded my mind, in one burst of fear I jumped up and shouted to both Bob and the man from the Mafia, “GET OUT! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!” They both began moving for the front door but then the man from the Mafia stopped and said, “How about I leave the cocaine with you to work on and come back later?”  I said, “NO! TAKE YOUR #%*! AND GET OUT NOW!!” Immediately they both left shutting the door behind them. 

After they left, fears began to mount, recalling that the Mafia would do away with any threat to their identity and activity. Immediately called the police to report the incident, but police authorities laughed at me saying,  “Ha ha..sure thing, the Mafia came to your house. Now take it easy and get a good nights rest.”  Couldn’t believe the law enforcement didn’t believe me. Later, one by one my three house mates came home; each one of them I told what happen with the Mafia, and each one, with pale faced fear and big eyes quickly took off leaving me in the house alone. It was after the last one left that fears became paralyzing as I was left alone in the house expecting the Mafia to come back and kill me to get rid of a threat to their activities. 

Alone in the kitchen with unbearable fear consuming my heart and mind, fell to my knees. There on the kitchen floor in a face down fetal position, began searching my heart to patter some words that soon became a prayer. Began to pray, “God I don’t know if You are real or if Jesus is a fairy tale, but if You are REAL, please help me, please save me from this horror surrounding me.” In a split second, all fear vanished like a heavy dark blanket had been lifted off me. Remained kneeling in the kitchen, looked up, and there was only this awesome peace pervading my entire being. I asked myself, “What just happened?” Then suddenly realized that God must be VERY REAL and there is awesome power in the Name of Jesus.” 

Minutes after this event, received a phone call from a university professor friend; he was calling to invite me to his house for a snack and refreshments, to which I said, “Yes of course!” About five minutes later, my friend arrived to take me to his place.  Didn’t tell him what happened, but knew the timing of his call and invitation were continued manifestations of God’s deliverance and mercy.  In the weeks that followed, met a neighbor  who “happened” to be a Christian. He asked me if I’d be interested in house sitting for him when he was on vacation; saying, Yes, I’d be glad to.” Upon his return a few weeks later, he expressed his gratitude by inviting me to his church where I met many wonderfully kind people. But the amazing thing that happened, was when this Christian man invited me to help him teach at a High School in La Jolla California. 

This invitation to work with him at La Jolla High School was the Lord’s most profound direction for my life. Only three weeks after the Mafia had come to threaten me, which ultimately drove me to my knees before Jesus as He saved my soul, to working as an assistant teacher at La Jolla High School. This amazing commission became the direction the Lord had set for the rest of my life, a commission which culminated in eleven years of  joyful service among the children and parents of Korea. Can’t thank the Lord enough for His Love and Mercy have Saved me Forever!

Has been forty-three years since that faithful night in Mira Mesa California; not once in all those years as the Lord ever left me alone or without help.  As it was during the night that Jesus Christ took away all fear of death by saving and radically changing my life, still there is no fear of death; however, the one change that has developed is an expectation and hope of death to all physical temptation and weakness. Knowing now that life in these physical bodies is a heuristic tool designed and employed by God; this He did in order that we can gain forgiveness from sin to receive salvation by His Grace alone; discovering that what little of His beauty can be experienced in this world’s nature, is but a tiny foretaste of a greater world beyond the limits of space-time awaiting those whom Jesus has delivered from sin and death. Pretty Awesome!!