Nuclear Spring


The sun was warm and comfortable today as my mind filled with thoughts of the long ago end to the cold war between the US and former Soviet Union. It was heart warming to hear a Russian leader say they were laying down their weapons and actually quoted the words of Jesus Christ regarding those who hunger to do the right thing.

I must admit that constantly feeling that the world was a potential ground zero did finally push me into the arms of the Son of Man. However, as the years passed, that sense of impending doom that brought the light of Eternal peace to my heart faded as a once powerful nation began to try its hand at free market capitalism. I felt sorry for the Russian people. They took actual steps toward world peace only to leave the arena while the bully was still waving their nuclear arms. Yes it is true, at the time the bully held the Ark of the Covenant.

Well hallelujah! I can only stand and shout victory as I now feel that warm cozy feeling of being back at ground zero. Yep, once again the bully is trying to push a tiny country into a corner. Unfortunately for the bully this tiny country is not like the old Soviet Union for they realize that they are willing to die before they given in to darkness. Just like a seesaw, they have stockpiles their nuclear arsenal on one end of a common play ground toy with the other end free and weightless. But what the world does not know is the Ark of the Covenant has been transferred to Korea. The bully doesn't want to let go but the reality is that the power of the Ark of the Covenant has nothing to do with international legislation but everything to do with where it is.

It an ingenious insurance policy set up to protect their land and the future of the world. They are careful to make sure that if anyone upsets the balance it will reestablish the old Mutually Assured Destruction policy that brought world peace not so long ago. Many people say they are a country gone "MAD" and that is exactly true because it is the very reason the Cold War ended. Both the US and former Soviet Union were very diligently to make sure that if they entered an all out thermonuclear war that each side would achieve Mutually Assured Destruction; in other words, world peace meant that both the US and Russia would completely destroy the world after their all out nuclear exchange. I will not try and justify these words as any complete historical review will prove this out. (Check out back issues of Scientific American [by hand not Internet because Scientific American can't afford web space just like me] regarding the topic of Mutually Assured Destruction).

The Bay of Pigs issue was all about first strike capabilities that Russia could gain by its access to Cuba . Man the distance seemed to be small at that time; you may know how close the US and Cuba are. It would not be hard to make a first strike very workable from that little island south of Florida . Tense, yes it was. But can you imagine taking the tension created by the 160 mile wide path between the US and Soviet back in October 1962 regarding nuclear weapons and then shove the same situation to a distance of 17 miles between a country that has proven nuclear capability along with the very essential deliver methods trying to deal with their blood relatives to the south who have put their hand in with the same enemy from October 1962 after having a president (Kim, Dae-jung) who suffered under the common enemy and went on to lay solid lines for the reunificatiion of North and South Korea under the Sunshine Policy.

Yes sir! Little North Korea has proven over and over it has the ability to launch missiles capable of reaching nearly to Japan which is really "over kill" (pardon the pun) for their deterrent needs are targeted just 17 miles south in the city of Seoul. So there you go. You have a little country that has been ripped off and deceived by people of their own blood who sided with the enemy in the early 1900s then again 45 years later.

I can feel that they are tired of all the betrayal and deceit they have been handed. They are ready. So let me make it clear now that the April 3rd anniversary has come and gone; these folks in North Korea are being pushed and sized up for a take down; but believe me after close study for 20 years, when it happens no amount of technology in the world can stop nuclear devices that were set in positions arranged many years ago. They may be a small country but they aren't stupid. Since this paragraph ends with talking about size, let any non nuclear physicists know that the size of the nuclear material needed to level Nagasaki was the same as a coconut; you just need to simply spilt it apart like an orange and then put it back together very fast. If you wanted to be primitive you could split it in half and use any towering elevator shaft as your delivery system.

Man, do you really think with a zero distance target line these desperate people are just going to sit by and let the bully walk in and take them down? I live among the remnant of Koreans now dying to see justice done. I am very confident that I'm not at any potential ground zero but knowing how the winds blow, this little island would not be a very attractive place for tourist to visit with radioactive fall out blowing in from places just north of here.

It is time to get the old blast flash protective picnic blanket and some really good ear plugs for a vacation trip to favorable targets north of here. Man when it all comes down, I certainly want to be there to hold the children, for it is their stars I came here to protect.

It has taken many years for me to reconcile why my Loving God would permit me to actually meet a man who witnessed the world's second and at this point the last detonation of a nuclear device on a human population of his own people including children and mothers. The images which has been on my web page ever since has been an images of the monolith set up at ground zero by the Japanese to denote the exact point under which no shadow was cast by the intense incinerating ray of that plutonium blast. As a believer in the Prince of Peace my mind reeled for more than two years after seeing the name tags of childrens' under garments which had been protected by the vaporizing bodies of the children who wore them at the elementary school next to this point. After seeing all the radiometric devices deployed to access a grisly scientific experiment, I decided that I need to remember the children in some way; I did this my placing images of stars in the black shadow cast by the monolith I saw in Nagasaki.

I don't believe it is right to cause children to suffer. Those who do not make a great effort to protect the lives and minds of children are dealing with a matter billions of times more dangerous than a nuclear bomb.


April 3, 2008


As a postscript, I know it will be tough for Canada to stand by me in this statement as they are the ones who must support part of a communication system built to survive an all out nuclear attack. Yes, if you didn't know it the Internet was founded as a scientific and military effort to preserve world communication when the ionosphere had been destroyed along with every electronic device susceptible to EMP from a nuclear holocaust. Again, check out history. It's sad to see such an advanced communication system give priority to pornography over truth but what laud can you give to the inventions of man's effort to survive judgment.

I can only hope that redundant html will somehow be unearthed in a possible future forensic study.



Picture (modified with stars) monolith  standing at ground zero, Nagasaki Japan, where children were vaporized.