Authentic Perspective

"Without It"

Plans Fail, The Buck Stops, And Life Goes To Hell




Just after midnight while sitting on the edge of my bed, a sudden mysterious text message rang my phone. Looking quickly I could see that it was from the Space Weather network informing of an impending major auroral event to take place. When the message came, I was sitting on the edge of my bed getting ready to sleep. These messages come occasionally, but I'm usually too tired to get outside and check; however, last night was different. Yesterday, after working on a writing that has been in process for more than two months, I had pent up energy, feeling that I didn't get done today what was necessary. Grabbing my running gear, I quickly got dressed, then got my parka, mittens and my backpack of camera equipment. Not much different than a responding fireman, I was soon in the car and ready to go.

I took off and noted as expected, the streets were deserted at such a late hour early on a Wednesday morning. Usually I just head to a special location near by where the broad expanse of wooded farm land offers a perfect escape from the minor light pollution associated with this tiny town in the arctic. By the time I was sitting at the third traffic light near the shopping centers, I looked toward the sky even though it was so close to a lot of lights of the shopping center parking lot; there in the dark sky to the north were two very distinct bands of pale green light stretching from east to west. Seeing the aurora while still in city lights meant that they would be brighter once I arrived at the land preserve area. The traffic light was still red as adrenalin shot through my system and I began to pray earnestly that I wouldn't miss the event and it would all be worth while.

I had been waiting for this moment for a long time, not just days but actually many years. For readers who happen to find this story about the beautiful mysterious sky lights of the arctic nights, that last sentence betrays an important element which needs to be explained so my intense eagerness to capture this aurora is made clear.

I enjoy viewing the aurora as I have so many times while skiing in the back country, this was a regular habit from nights long ago when it was therapeutic after a day of university studies. The thing that makes me so excited about this aurora, is the fact that it would be the first one I have seen in thirteen years. What happened during the thirteen years when I couldn't see any auroras? During those thirteen years I had been living and teaching in the Far East on a small island in the Pacific Ocean; it was a location so far south that auroras would rarely if ever be seen at all. If I love the arctic and all its beauty, why would I go to such a far away place. Well, by now I know I have explained this part of the story many times on previous pages and earnestly desire to avoid boring repetition; it is best to insert a link so any interested readers can review a wonderful account of eleven years in the Far East. The primary thing I was eager to see that night, was the mysterious living light which moves, sways and twists, while scintillating with such brightness that one can read by its glow.

With my background in science, I understand that an aurora (like other life forms) requires the interaction of three invisible things, a magnetic field, charged particles, and atmospheric gases, the same that we breathe with every breath. When I pause to think about it, I realize that people are not much different than auroras; by this I mean, human existence depends upon three things, the air we breathe, a physical body which acts like geomagnetic containment for charged solar particles which, resemble the electrical impulses that makes life in a physical body animate. Like the aurora, the coming together of these three things is only for a brief time, and if you consider time in the world of space from which the aurora comes and goes, our lives are just as ephemeral.

If anyone has ever had a chance to watch an active aurora, there is a sense of awe and mystery as you look up and see something that is not like a cloud that just drifts by or hangs in the sky; it is totally different an resembles something very much alive, more so than any other phenomena in nature. I guess for just about everyone (except solar terrestrial weather scientists), when one sees an active aurora, it is as if you are seeing what a being from the spiritual world would look like. If there is anything in nature that seems like an angelic being or luminous ghost, an aurora seems to be very close to such an aberration. For the most part, angelic beings or ghosts, are never seen, however on some rare occasions people have made claims they have seen such things, usually associated with traumatic life events or a dream. Yet the question is put forth, are there powerful beings in this world that can be described as having human like characteristics, yet unseen? Looking at the aurora is definitely awesome and if one were to imagine it as a living creature made seen by material cast into space by the sun, it could be frightening. The Eskimo beliefs held that the aurora was spiritual in nature being connected to the world of the dead and after life; being able to speak to man and in response move to his whistling.

When it comes to dealing with discussions of spirit beings, one treads upon a path that can quickly lead to vanity, but if dealt with by the testimony of trusted people who know well the reliability regarding the physical laws that govern the universe, the discussion of spiritual beings can lead to verity. Much like a court case, I must build my defense with credible witnesses, all of whom must have reliable testimonies. Of those I will list, all have verifiable biographies that make direct reference to a Supreme Spiritual presence in the universe; there is one witness I will cite being more contemporary who makes reference to the same Spiritual presence but without specifying the character and personality that the others clearly identify . All my witnesses are renown scientists, Why do I list scientists for my support and defense? I do so because it is my belief that the number of people who reject the existence of a Supreme Spiritual presence in the universe follow natural law. What do I mean by saying that most people who reject the existence of one Supreme Spiritual presence, follow natural law. Without wasting time trying to explain the law of entropy, a link is here for those who would like to study this concept, my primary objective is to prove the truth of what I say; again I believe by citing scientists who believe and whom the world seems to give more credence to, than they do people like Robert Schuller or leaders of the moral majority. this objective can be approached. However, it is essential that I keep my primary focus upon the earnest desire to try and prevent the death of people I care about. "Prevent death!? What are you talking about?," some may ask? I'm saying that there are people who are making decisions and taking actions that are not just hurtful, they are absolutely deadly. There may be some who take this as some kind of threat, but it's easy to prove this is not a threat. No, nothing to do with threats at all, just simple observations. If you walk into a yard protected by a watch dog, you may get bitten. However, if you go to the top of a 20 story building and walk off the edge, you will die. The first statement about the dog is a statement of probability but the latter statement is one that simply defines the laws of physics; and not a threat.

I will try and make this as clear as possible. I have sat in this chair everyday now for more than seventy days trying to figure out how to put into words a warning regarding those I dearly care about and don't want to see get hurt. This is very difficult because the wish to not see others hurt is like sorting through one's feelings about the characters involved in the following analogous story, then after careful deliberation, trying to desire the greatest of love for all concerned. Please take this following analogy as an example of an event that has challenged me to firmly hold to the most sincere altruistic desires for all concerned; and while trying to seek the greatest good for all concerned, determine how lovable each and every character in the story truly is, and if there is any wrong, what is the source? The following has been my challenge for more than two months.

This story involves four people, a blind person, a careless driver, a bus driver and a man who lives in a house on a busy city street. Every day at 2:00 PM a blind woman on her way to provide music for a local child care center, comes to an intersection of a busy two lane city street. The part of the street where she must cross is just over a hill on the highway that has a posted speed limit of 20 mph, due to the child care center being so near. This blind woman has been blind since birth and depends upon her keen hearing and the refined skills with a white cane which she carefully sweeps left and right as she makes her way down the side walk to the street crossing area. Everyday the man who lives in the house where this blind woman stops has studied her habits for more than two years.

This man notices that on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, a city bus stops at exactly 2:00 PM to make its regular stop at the intersection. The blind woman hears the bus stop and knows from experience that as long as the bus is there, she is more confident to cross as she only has to listen for traffic in one rather than two lanes. Likewise, the bus driver who drives that route has become accustom to watch for the blind lady and keeps his bus there so she can cross with his careful over sight. As she approaches the bus, the driver greets her and she tells him thank you for helping her. After she is on the sidewalk on the other side of the street making her way up to her appointment, only then does the bus driver leave the bus stop and continues on his way .

While this is going on, the reclusive man in the house at that intersection has been carefully watching her habits and the patterns of daily traffic conditions with mathematical accuracy. His only interests other than staying home is spending his welfare check on drinking and times with his rather notorious friends. He has a car but can't drive it because he lost his driving privileges due to driving while intoxicated.

One Wednesday, the man gets up early at 10:00 AM and calls his friend with a suggestion that they get together and party a little. His friend enthusiastically responds by telling the man at the house that it will be great because he had some downers left in his room from his girl friend who had been doing crack the week before. The man in the house at the intersection tells his friend that he will come to meet him at his place at noon time. In expectation of meeting the man from the house at twelve o'clock, his friend begins partying by taking some downers, doing a little weed and having a cold brew. The man in the house at the intersection is watching his clock and it comes to 1 PM. His friend in the mean time is getting high and is also getting hungry; not able to go out, he calls his friend who is late and tells him to bring some food with the drinks. The man in the house asks his friend how he's doing? After smoking some pot and drinking, his friend says, Man I'm ripping high with some bad munchies! The man in the house asks, Do you want anything to eat? The friend with a heavy buzz going says, Yeah man bring a big pizza when you come. At 1:55 PM the man in the house suddenly calls his friend and tells him that he fell and can't get up. He tells his friend, You gotta help me. I'm in pain. The friend says Wow man what can I do I'm really messed up? The man in the house with feigned groans of pain says, You gotta come now...quick! Just use your car. With that the man in the house drops the phone on the floor and keeps groaning. On the other end of the phone his intoxicated friend starts saying, Are you there? Are YOU THERE!? Hearing nothing but the sound of groaning, his friend says, You hang in there man, I'll be right there, don't you worry! The man in the house on the corner hears the click as his friend hangs the phone up.

With meticulous mathematical precision the man in the house gets up off the floor after hearing his friend hang up. Knowing his friend lives just about a mile away, he sits by the window carefully pulling open a small part of the window blinds. He watches the clock and right at 1:58 PM the man spots the blind lady making her way down the sidewalk. At the same moment the roar of the diesel bus is heard as it begins to approach the bus stop, drowning out all other sounds including the sound of his friends hot rod coming down the road to rescue his buddy in the house on the corner. With deeply engrained confidence, the blind woman begins to cross the only lane for traffic left opened at the exact moment his drunken friend comes weaving over the hill. The man in the house looks on in cold calculated expectation. At that instant, the sight of his friend's car flashes into view. The friend sees the woman crossing the road but is going too fast as he hits his brakes. The bus driver hearing the screech of tires, looks back and see the car sliding sideways out of control. The bus driver locks the bus brakes, jumps up and tries to reach the woman to help her. Just as the bus driver reaches the front of the bus ready to step into the path of the car out of control, he stops just as the out of control car hits the blind lady at 60 miles per hour instantly killing her. The police show up shortly after and does a drug test and arrests the man's friend for involuntary man slaughter. The intoxicated driver is sentenced to prison for his crime which claimed one life and almost two as the bus driver stop at the sight of the car.

In this story the reader has the advantage of seeing the dynamics and out comes of events from two very different views; one view is authentic and the other is counterfeit. My question to the reader is, which is the authentic view? Your answer to this will greatly influence how you understand the following line of reason. In the world of today, which view does the world have on the reasons for, and the result of evil that continues to go on in the world? Stop and honestly think, does the world see the out come of this world's evil from the perspective of the bus driver and the police investigation, or do they see it from the perspective of the unseen man in the house on the corner? I earnestly encourage all readers who are in possession of their soul to do some deep searching of that priceless item, if in deed they have the reins and control of that soul, because if there is any question in your mind regarding its location and control or lack there of, your ideas and response regarding the vantage point held by the second view of the above story can be greatly influenced.

So, in essential review of the analogous story's view points, we have the view of the bus driver who is telling the police what he observed along with the passengers who witnessed the same thing. The intoxicated driver ran down and killed the woman crossing the road; here is no doubt that most people would say that this event was a terrible tragedy. The newspapers print a story and the driver is sent to prison based upon the view of the bus driver and people on the bus. But again, that is just one view, it is the popular view and the one the world sees but for all who read this story, they know without a doubt that there is yet a second view. There is no way of denying this second view as everyone who read this story had a chance to see the meticulous engineering of a homicide from a secret vantage point unknown to the world. Is it a rhetorical question to ask what the second yet secret point of view is? Everyone knows that the second unseen view of events and death are seen through the cold callous eyes of the man in the house on the corner.

Here is where we begin to feel how keen the razors edge truly is; the story above is fictional but the archetype is very real. For people who lived in the United States during September 11, 2011, the above story is not fiction, however the conflict of views remains on the table for discussion. What view do people of the United States have of the 911 event? Do they hold the view of the bus driver or do they see it through the tiny crack in the blinds in the window of the the house on the corner? As an outsider coming in to view the scene of a disaster, I must postulate that though we have been very careful to analyze the crime scene and through the process of thought experiments have been able to formulate a second view point that is not an impossible phantasm but a very real viable answer to how and why evil happens. One final analysis and question before pressing on. Which view is the clear honest view, the authentic view? Which view is lacking in truth and thus being the counterfeit? Can you be honest with yourself?

Though it is possible to admit this fact of a second occult view which accounts for the reason behind incomprehensible evil; the question must be asked, Have we uncovered all possible views? For those who know the answer to this ultimate question, it will be no problem to press on from here to do some clearing of the forest of fiction which has hidden the world from Sun Light.

So now I understand, I don't need to call in my team of expert scientific witnesses to tell the truth regarding The Ultimate Mind of God Who Sees all Things and Speaks Truth to Every Living creature. It is This witness that reveals to you what is the truth, I need not push or persuade you. Being convinced that you have your own connection to this benevolent Mind, we can press on to take a close look at some pretty terrible events. You think the little story about the blind lady is an evil story, I have some true stories to tell you, and by the same means you discovered what the true view was above, you will be able to again put on those x-ray glasses and look beyond the view the world is not able to see.

I can hardly wait to tell you about events like the blind lady being run down and then let you see for yourself what has been going on in "that house over there" that you go by every day and never ever suspect that there is some mind at work in there that is not stupid, not intellectually slow, no not at all, but rather the reverse. If you consider the mind in that house on the corner, you will note that the man in hiding didn't take actions without careful thought, no, as a matter of fact he spent two years with careful study of patterns in a persons life. Not just took time to study the daily patterns of a persons life but also to know his friends and associates well enough to predict their behavior, actions and reactions. This mind even went so far as to even consider probabilities based on lanes open for impact based upon a weekly bus schedule. You doubt such a mind exists? Do you HONESTLY doubt such a mind exists? If I were you, I would begin by examining the mentality of people who construct computer viruses; I'm speaking about highly educated individuals who spend incredible amounts of time writing programs with the single purpose of destroying a person's computer operating system, after using this example as a starting point, making some changes to your understanding and beliefs may come with ease.

I'm not a rocket scientist, yet my extensive work with the disabled has given me uniquely deeper insights than most, only because I have worked and lived with the blind community for many years. I used the blind lady as an example only because I'm familiar with this area of knowledge. Now, take other people who have had training in special areas of combat technology, ah..mmm let me think, where could such people be found? Ah I know, how about ex-military combat soldiers who had an unhappy abusive childhood where a father hit him off the head frequently when he was five years old and then used him as a medicine ball and flung his little body into a snow drift at thirty-five below zero and later flicked him off the head in front of his teachers, who quickly called law enforcement agents and then watched his father was taken off to jail. Fiction you say! No I wish it were so but being witness to this, and having to report my friend was one reason I left this country in 1998.

Two issues to deal with before this page sees sunset. One is the issue of the disasters in Japan and the other involves the actions of deceived angry people who act in ways that hurt the innocent and jeopardize a nations future. This action to overtly harm the innocent, and by this is meant actions to hurt others who are in many ways like the blind lady, yet in the case being thought of, the victims are definitely far more helpless and weak than the blind lady. The natural reaction? Well, the natural reaction is just like that of the bus driver and passengers, but given the greater weakness of the victims, there was a tremendous level of incredulity not possible in the allegorical story in the beginning.

With due regard for personal connections to the issues mentioned as "real" cases, the Author of Authentic Perspective had to take some radically extreme measures to quell the response of the witnesses. Why were extreme measures necessary? To repeat the underlying premise of this writing, the battle going on is not about some noisy neighbor who plays loud rock and roll music while others in the apartment are trying to sleep; no not at all, as I hope is becoming clear, the battle being waged is taking place in locations where people hold power in high levels of government, police, international security and many other highly influential niches; these are critical matters affecting planetary stability and harmony. Why write them on a web page? Well, it's kind of like graffiti obviously sprawled on a subway wall, but like all graffiti, it's usually ignored unless someone knows the secret code to decipher its meaning; the way to decipher has been included in the message. Due to design to make issues appear as though they could be influenced by one individual and in this case the individual is truly blind in one regard, extreme actions by the Author of the Authentic Perspective were essential? Extreme measures were necessary because the "intent" of the force that arranged the harm of the sheep fold was set up not just to hurt the sheep and steal the lambs, rather it was set up to get the sheep dog to bark so much that someone would put it down so they could sleep. Remember, what was the ultimate motive of the force behind the vehicular homicide in our little story? Was the ultimate motive to just see a blind woman killed? If you think carefully, is it possible to see the ultimate motive as an effort to cause as much harm as possible? If this is the case, we would have to ask a new question.

What could have been the worse possible out come of the planning latent in the mind of the unseen man in the house on the corner? If we were to say that the ultimate objective was to precipitate a double homicide and a lengthy prison term for the intoxicated buddy, would we be going too far with conjecture? If the bus driver had any way to know that he was part of the targeted disaster that took the life of a kind woman he helped on many occasions, I believe he could have risked being in greater danger. Why would the bus driver be in greater danger if he knew about the unseen man in the house? Revenge, how does that sound? If the bus driver found out the greater view, the buddy in prison may have had company.

I will say this now, but can't explain because the answer must come to you directly from the Holder of the Authentic Perspective, only by this channel can the real forces of evil be broken down. Some may ask, "What are you trying to say?" It's simple, I'm only a channel not any different than an old wooden door. In time that door will close, fall apart, decay and just simply be gone like everything else in the physical universe. For a time however, the light of the sun that shines so warmly on my back making the weather where I stand so inviting for hiking and swimming,however, this same bit of weather is passing through the doorway into a world battling a cold dark storm, and many there be who sense the nicer weather and simply want to pass on through to sunny warmth; it's really not an unusual desire, but just a natural response of healthy minds.. If I were to let myself get caught up in the chilly blustering wind that passes by the front of the door, I could lose my balance, fall into a storm I have no business of getting involved with. I need to realize that though an overt intent to harm the innocent is real, my ability to enjoy the wonderful warm sun is far more important than ever thinking an old door way can quell a storm designed to locate the hearts that cry for help.

The reality of this incomprehensible evil is painful, however, when it was discovered to be a premeditated "custom designed" effort, with all indications of advanced planning far exceeding the kind of efforts indicated by the"man in the house on the corner," a big "red light" of sorts went on. Even though it has felt like wrestling an earthquake, it has been necessary to let go as it is none of my business. With this recognition, it now becomes possible to understand the amazing Way of the Authentic Perspective as everything that seemed terrible was actually clear proof that provides wonderful verification of how good is on the "flip side" of those who have seen the blood on the top and sides of the door way where the clear Sun shines.

It is so good to be saved out of a grave and to have the advantage of seeing all life through the eyes of the One with the Authentic Perspective, for it is written, "Do not resist evil" it's a requirement for those in The Way.. The vanity of trying to see the lives of millions of U.S. children enjoy life as I knew it in the safe secure loving environment of the Far East is totally ridiculous, if, and let me make that a big IF, it is acted on only from the bus drivers perspective. There is a Way that is above all the views presented in the story and it's the view that takes in consideration everything, yet from a focus of Love shown to the world by the Son of a carpenter of Nazareth.

Like the invisible things spoken of in the beginning, what is written here is invisible power in the form of spirit; these words are spirit.