Alphabetical Listing

A Child's Memory


All Alone

American Way

Ancient Darkness

Angels Watching

Another World

Arctic Cacoethes

Arctic Cotton

Arctic IQ Test

Arctic Sunrise

Arctic Tundra Test

Arctic Winter Solstice


As You Are Now

Barack Obama

Bearable Cold

Beautiful Coma

Being Humble

Beings Clean

Berry Berry Red

Big Ship

Bike Riding



Black Ice

Blessed Mistake

Bloody Seas

Break Up!

Brother's Book

Calm Before The Swarm


Celestial Garment



Christmas 2010

Christmas in Korea

Christmas Presence

Cold Light

Comet Lulin


Conscience Sacred Blossom

Convergence Chapter 1

Convergence Chapter 10

Convergence Chapter 11

Convergence Chapter 12

Convergence Chapter 13

Convergence Chapter 14

Convergence Chapter 2

Convergence Chapter 3

Convergence Chapter 4

Convergence Chapter 5

Convergence Chapter 6

Convergence Chapter 7

Convergence Chapter 8

Convergence Chapter 9

Convergence Spawn

Coryo Body Language


Cross Road

Dae Han

Dancing Friends

Darkness into Light

Day Star School Desert Journey Start

Dear John

Debt I Owe

Desert Thirst

Diamond Head

Diane Dobson

Diligent Women

Do Not Go Gentle

Doomsday Dowry

Double Ring Galaxies

Dragons S∞ng

Dream Boat







Earthquake Tsunami Survivor

Eden's Wife

Eleventeen More


Eternal Day

Expect A Miracle

Expose Darkness

Faithful Church Attendees

Far North Romance

Final Departure

Fire in the Sky

Fire Seed

Framed by Clouds

Freedom of Choice

Friend of the Stars

Friends on World Adventures

Future In Child's Eyes

Gone Where The Goblins Go

Good Thoughts


Greatest Day Of My Life

Grizzly Welcome

Happy New Year

Happy Re-Birthday

Heaven's Eternal Day

High Noon

His Voice Everywhere

Honolulu Redemption


I AM Now

I E Saw Wrong

Ice Day To Bike

Ice Field

Instant Break Up

Into The Light

Into The River of Night

Isolation 2

Jeju Island Sunset

Journey Flows



Kiss Of Betrayal


Know Fear

Korea What's Happening?

Korea's Beauty and Peace

Last Two Robins

Life Guard

Life Is Impossible Without A Vision

Light a Candle

Light at Night

Light So Beautiful

Lighting in the Sky

Lights of Home

Like A River Glorious

Lord Franklin


Magic In The Air

Mid-Winters Day Dream

Midnight Spring

Midnight Sun


Moon Island

Moon Island 2

Morally Pure

Most Pitiful

Mourning Calm

Mourning Red

My Alaska Life

My Friend John

My Mirror World



My Mother's Death

New Star

No Place Like Nome

North Korea

North Korea's Plan

Not Ashamed of The Morning Star

Of UFOs and Deers

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Only by Love

Over The Summit

Path of Tears

Peace in the Arctic

Perfect Actions


Please Believe Me

Polar Fields

Purity of Life

Raven's Lesson

Rays in Eastern Sky

Real World

Reflection In The Storm

Ring Around Old Glory

Ring Around The Rosy

Risen To Life Again!

River Dream North

Saint Elias Wilderness

Santa Claus

School District Supervisor and Friend

Seasons Flow

Seeing The Invisible

Shooting Star

Simple Science

Sky Light

Snow White Solitude

Solar Power Lines

Solar Splendor

Something Wonderful

Sphere of Life

Summer's Flaming Fuse

Summit Return

Summit Transit

Sun Net

Sun Power

Tear of the Sun

The Beauty To Confess

The Beginning...

The Book

The Book Of Nature 2

The Culture of Childhood

The Cure

The Elect Shine Pure

The Sub

The Sun of God

There Upon A Time

Think You Might Escape?

Through Night Branches

Time Ends Happily

Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline

Tundra Test Two

Unemployment Guaranteed

Walking on Water

West to East

Which Way Is The School House

Who Cares For Children

Whose House?

Wife and I

Will Descend Into Hell

Woman To Remember

Women Over Board

Wonderous Creation

Yesterday After Tomorrow

Yum! Korean Food!!