The Unique Perspective

For me pain is a safe place to be, simply because it hard to can't get in trouble when you are suffering. Pain is the body's way to signal internal trouble much as a fire alarm does for smoke or fire in a building or a low oil signal in a vehicle alerts the driver to impending trouble. A car is a good example because there are many auditory and visual signals set to warn the driver of trouble with a vehicle. If you're cursing down a freeway and suddenly many alarms go off at one time, all your attention is focused on these alarms because they signal danger. In the same way, pain grabs our attention making it difficult to attend to routine responsibilities.

So if one can imagine trying to carry on a lively chat with a passenger in your car when all these alarms go off, you can get an idea of how ridiculous and dangerous it would be to ignore these warnings and carry on your chat. In your mind is the only place where you can be lied to, deceived, enjoy a good laugh or other mental phenomena; but when all the alarms go off you have no time to entertain lesser thoughts unrelated to life preservation. A drivers attention distracted by visual warning signals in a vehicle can be interpreted by a passenger as rude inattention, so it is with pain; those not affected by the pain others suffer may be offended by disruption to the flow of interpersonal communication. 

Another example is getting stung by a wasp while talking to someone on the phone; an event like this can have a definite affect upon the flow of the conversation In like manner pain can keep your attention away from others; who may be people who love you and want to do all they can to relieve your suffering or people who stand by waiting to see if they can get a chance to make the pain kill your body.

It seems to be true to say that when you live in pain no one can fool with your mind (head); and when no one can fool with your head, that is pretty cool. However, if anyone can fool with your head, then your pain is not unbearable. In the end, those who are purged by pain just like the fire in the picture of the lave flow will end up in the top picture. However, those who relentlessly fuel the forces of pain as flaming rock in the lives of others will themselves remain forever inescapably mired in their own devices.

How to escape the pain? It's all so very simple. The above image shows a river. Pure rivers have the ability to clean away impurity and thus the reason people wash their bodies. The above river is very special because it can clean us in ways that simple water can not. By jumping into the Crimson River we can be cleaned from that which hurts the soul and spirit and rise up to a new clean life and land. How long will this wonderful new life last?

Well it is actually spelled out very clearly in shape of the river of crimson lava.

You don't have to look carefully for it because the shape and answer is which is simply the mathematical symbol for infinity. Yes, infinity is the length of time the new world will last for those who pass through the Crimson River . The flaming pain of hell at the top of the hill causes the blood to run down hill burning away anything that can't endure the heat and gives way to a pure new world that has no end.