Patterns of Life


Have you ever noticed that everything in this world follows a set direction. For example, when you throw something into the air, it comes back down, or when a hot cup of tea is poured it eventually gets cold; these processes are defined by a law in physics that says that everything will seek a lower state of energy, or very simply, everything must seek an ultimate state of rest. There is an interesting pattern observed when looking at how people follow this natural process.

The most obvious and basic pattern is seen in all mammalian life which includes people; this process is the one defining how we move from a warm secure womb to the birth canal, then out into the stark cold world of the delivery room. This natural process defines the proper direction that all life must take to reach maturity. Yet, from that moment on, so many people spend their entire life trying to go backward and return to the warmth and physical security of the womb. Just look at how many people try to reach warmer climates, and if not, to try and manufacture a comfortable womb like existence in a luxurious home. Technology has made it possible to prevent this maturing process.

Before Europeans arrived in North America with their basic technology, Native Americans were born and moved further from the womb into greater harmony with nature; that was until invading Europeans employed technology in the form of firearms to remove these Native Americans from competition for land and resources.