Nuclear War


Nuclear war will be initiated by the insane; meaning an overt nuclear first strike will not happen by an overt first strike by one of two opposing powers, rather, it will be initiated by one side staging a false flag operation; the side which has proven to use deceptive tactics in order to fit blame to the opposing side will launch a tactical nuclear strike on some civilian community within their own country, then blame the attack on the opposing side, thus falsely legitimating a retaliatory nuclear strike on the opposing side’s country.  Whether this nuclear false flag operation precipitates an all out nuclear World War III may depend upon how the leadership of the victim country responds to the false flag strike. “IF” the retaliatory nuclear strike on the opposing side’s country poses an existential threat, then that country may retaliate with strategic nuclear weapons rather than tactical nuclear weapons. If this scenario were to play out, then life as we know it would come to an end sooner than waiting for global warming to fully run its course. 


July 25, 2022