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Page 1. The Wave

Page 2. The Door

Page 3. The Oak Leaf

Page 4. Morning Star

Page 5. Blue Patches

Page 6. The Way Out
Page 7. In The Light of the Midnight Sun
Page 8. Sung-hee's Dream
Page 9. Cavern Breeze


How much time one lives in life is not as important as how much life one lives in time.

All come into this life with 100 units of fuel to burn. The majority choose to drive their lives like economy cars trying to get the most distance out of their 100-unit allotment. Yet others choose to install rocket engines on their vehicles of life and burn their fuel allotment in one short, yet huge blazing fury.

Roaring off the launch pad of life they soar on a raging wild star into the pristine blue of the skies above. Gaining great altitude to see and experience the world as few ever do.

As their engines continue to roar, they see the blue sky begin turning darker shades of blue, as they begin to see other stars shining next to the sun, soon realizing that their 100 units of fuel is spent.

For these people, all is not lost. Without fuel to continue their life’s journey they soon find that their wild ride into the starry heavens above has set them free from the gravity that binds those slow burning economy runners to the long circular merry-go-round of earthly life.

With all fuel spent, their rockets of life fall away to drift amidst the deep peace and darkness of the starry heavens, while our wild pilots keep their steadfast trajectory moving onward toward the center of the solar system to merge in oneness with the warmth and brilliance of the Great Sun.