The Door

6:16 PM
May 23, 1983
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This poem was written during the winter in Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada after I had resigned myself to hitch hike from the Yukon / British Columbia border to Quincy, Massachusetts. I had stopped at a mens hostel there to get some much needed rest. While there I visited the public library where this poem came to me. As my journals would have revealed (had they not been taken along with my friends belongs after his death), I was going through some of the most difficult times of my life; as I made my first of many attempts to return to the East Coast and to the sanity I hoped to find there in the Lord. The poem is entitled:




The Door

In the distance I see the door, the door in the distance by the sea.

I began my walk toward that door and soon I see someone approaching me.

He appeared to be walking from that door, that door I've sought to set me free.


On I walk and though I see this strange fellow still approaching me, the door it

seems, yes it seems to stand the same distance as when I began.

On I walk and though I fear the reason my door does not grow near, shall be

revealed by the stranger that does grow near to me.


And as I walk my eyes no longer see my door that was to set me free; instead I set

my eyes on thee, my stranger, my shadow, my mystery.

My legs feel heavy my body weak as I search for words for which to speak, to this

strange fellow who no longer seeks the door our life was made to seek.


On I walk in slowing steps, lead like progression a sense of regret

Tears well up and fill my eyes

My arms reach out as I begin to cry

For help, for love, my stranger do you hear?


And there before me with arms out reached stood my stranger in silent speech.

Tears of love ran down his face, I reached out ....touched....dissolved the space and

in my friend I saw my face.

Now in peace and warm love my spirit swirled

I turned my back on the mirrored world

To see my door before me stand

Crystalline upon the stellar sands.

And as the winds began to drone, I took my first step, I'm going home.




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© Copyright February 10, 2004 by Michael Rice




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