Sunghee's Dream

6:16 PM
May 23, 1983

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Sunghee's Dream

Written some time during the winter of 1998 as the awareness of time and seasonal difference vanish upon my arrival in Korea. This was written after Sunghee my wife to be had won an award for excellency in teaching English as part of the program she worked for. The award was an all expense paid trip to the United States for a 10 day tour of the American southwest.

Being alone by the waters of the Yellow Sea of the west coast of Korea, the sun reflected brightly off the waters and I began to make notes of my observations. From this note taking process, the following poem came to me.





Sunghee's Dream

Lapping, laughing, skipping light, on wings of wind transparent fins, hearts beat within, they take their flight.

Dreaming, streaming, tears of joy, my vision clears, by solemn tears, they melt my fears and once again I'm just a boy.

No! No! I don't want to go from this place in time and space without a trace. Again! Again! This place within I want to know.

By might, by flight, soaring heights by rock and ocean I sense the motion, God's heart and mine beat out the time His will be bright!

Softly, softly, gentle motion, transparent wings, they see all things, celestial beings coming now to take my tears into the ocean.




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