Deciding how to tell this story has lead me to the conclusion that most people prefer brevity, if my life were boring; however, being very far from boring aspects to this story take tangents in order to explain elaborate details. For these various "tangents" I have linked issues to other pages for clarification. These subsequently linked pages will also have other links depending upon a readers interests.

Because my web page has suffer the impact of the culture shock I'm dealing with, current efforts focus on updating other web page content.


My father was a Navy man who enjoyed world travel and adventure; he had a fascination with nature and all of its beauty. I was born in a large land where I had the privilege of traveling to every part of the country before I was 9 years old. I thought, �What a beautiful land I live in.� As a child, I enjoyed the company of grade school children and really didn't like the "yucky" interests of teenagers. My mother constantly told me to stop playing with little kids and play with others my age.


Began First grade Elementary School in El Centro California.


Began First grade Elementary School in Braintree, Massachusetts.


Began First grade Elementary School in South Weymouth, Massachusetts.


Stayed back in the third grade because of reading problems.


Struggled through fifth grade and remember my teacher crying when she announced the assassination of John F. Kennedy


Entering puberty began to confuse matters. My academic efforts seemed to be crashing so to relieve the boredom I found a magazine called "Popular Science" where I found plans for a pulsed ruby laser. I was so excited that I began to collect all the parts to make this laser. With the help of a friend whose father was fairly wealthy, I was able to secure the most essential ruby crystal rod.

I figured with all the essential parts to build this fairly powerful pulse laser, my teacher could help me. Well, the story didn't go as expected. The teachers didn't even care that I could read a technical magazine and follow instructions for assembling a pulse laser but they were more concerned that I get back to my remedial reading classes and stop playing with non-school related toys.

Having passed into puberty in 1964, my life and love for the purity of the playground slowly became buried in the sediment of western moral decay.

As life went on, I continued to grow but my heart and sympathies were always with my grade school friends. As I grew I learned of another great people who once occupied the land before others came from different countries to take this beautiful land from them. I heard stories about how bad the Indians of American were to white people; but somehow those stories just didn't seem accurate. I had seen many photos of these great people, along with their art and the sound their music.

The great country I lived in wrote documents regarding a declaration of independence from a king in England whom they considered to be terrible. As a child I read the first few paragraphs and decided that indeed the country of my birth was truly great. Such words like, � Laws of Nature and of Nature's God � followed immediately by these other magnificent words, � We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal , that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. � I was firm in my belief my father served a great country and that I was given birth in this same country; yet 55 years later I found these words on the same great document at paragraph 28 " merciless Indian Savages". I wondered and still do wonder how it is possible for the "Laws of Nature and of Nature's God" to simultaneously declare that "all men are created equal , that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" with the exception of these so called, "merciless Indian Savages."

I began to worry that the people who wrote this great document stating The God of Nature gave them freedom to take over and completely annihilate the people whose land they were invading might some day declare all people who didn't think like them were "savages" and in so doing becoming a greater tyrant than Kind George could every aspire to achieve in his puny life time.


As I continued to grow I heard more stories about other countries that were a great evil in the world. I was told that any country that thought like the people of Russia were evil and bent on taking over the world. I was told that these evil countries were trying to take over poorer Asian countries and I was to get ready to take a gun and kill any people related to the thinking of Russia which was then called the USSR .

I was just 18 but thought, "How do I know who is bad and who is good?" How can I fight, kill and die for something that in my conscience felt so wrong. I simply thought, each of these other these countries must have the same kinds of people as my country; people with children, dreams, homes and hopes, just like the people in my country.

As soon as certain people of my country knew I was sympathetic towards the people in countries like Russia , they labeled me a communist; they began to consider that I was a traitor and enemy of my own country.

It was during these years I met my high school girl friend with all the grace of a kiwi on take off.



I left my home near Boston for the very people with the same blood flowing in their veins as mine began to consider me something to be destroyed. This became intense during the 60s but I had no ability to get away until I graduated high school in 1972. In 1974 a friend and I began a journey that brought us to California . N Not wanting to get caught in the lottery selection system of my country just so I could be sent to kill people in a small Asian country that posed no threat to my country; I took some desperate measures and joined a branch of military service that permitted a delay of my being sent to the overseas battle ground in Vietnam if I would just stay in college.


Stay in college is exactly what I did. I stayed in college for 7 years making every effort to avoid getting a degree ; for getting a degree meant finishing and finishing meant I could be sent to the killing fields. So for 7 year I studied every aspect of theoretical physics that I could with a special focus upon space-time and human perception.

The years of the 60s brought a decay of moral values and those opposing the war thought it gave them the license to have relationships with anyone in anyway they wanted, use illegal drugs and listen to music that opposed the war, questioned government, glorified drug use and threw the sanctity of human physical relation into a bacteria filled sewer it has never recovered from. A doctor was made famous for helping people to commit suicide. With men intoxicated on physical and moral filth the only guidance system left to them was the �rudder of the gutter.� With men in this status is wasn't long before woman began rising into positions of government control from which to whip the lash of retribution on all men who had given themselves over to a world of grinding sensual immorality.


In 1976 my life radically changed and I was set free from the growing influence of this disease in my life. I had found the Only Sure Cure and as it happened I found few who would take it; those who did were frequently at the end of their rope having been mostly eaten alive before they took the Cure. I spent 10 years without a home or job as I traveled and slept in the wilderness of my home country. The wildernesses were barren but certainly not without their natural beauty and cleanness far from the disease infected cities where any attempt to set a camp would be suicide.

During the late winter of 1986 I found myself in the Alaska Bush enjoying the company of those who were on the road to higher ground. Three months after my arrival I wound up in Anchorage attending a tiny church which I later discovered was used by Koreans after the regular worship finished. It was at this church that my destiny to meet the Koreans was set into place by the hand of Providence .


In 1989 I met a blind lady named Lee whom I felt such compassion for. For 10 years I did all I could to see her reach her dreams, take care of her son and see her aspire to her full potential. She was child like and very musically talented. Being born 7 month premature imparted a burden of disabilities which was certainly beyond the share most blind people experience. For me our relationship was a perfect image of how true love should work; I could help her and she helped me by wanting to try and do everything a sighted person could do include cross-country skiing, recording new musical CDs and contributed to the community in whole with her special talent and skills.


During a particularly difficult time in our lives, Lee sought refuge in the Center for Blind Adults in Anchorage while her son arrived in Fairbanks some 400 miles north wanting to see his mommy. We did go down to visit her but without housing we decided to camp in the mountains. During the 4300 foot climb to the Harding Ice Field, Stephan asked me to carry his pack. It was an error in judgment on my part but I carried it to the top. Two days later in our exhausted rush to descend the slippery gravel strewn glaciated steeps, I slipped several times. We washed when we arrived in the parking lot but after waking the next morning I has excruciating pain radiating from my lower back that prevented my sitting up. This pain would proved to the begriming of a cross I would carry for 13 years.

I must say our life was one filled with miracles. My greatest dreams were coming true and other people witnessed a love between two people certainly not founded on earth. However, there were a few who looked at our relationship with jealousy and resentment; they saw something special we had that they didn't. The evil found in the enemy of our soul knows no limits and nothing is sacred, even the relationship to a girl struggling with blindness from birth. All evil needed was a willing channel and an opportune moment to strike.

As it was, Lee had multiple disabilities and blindness being the least burdensome than the others. Lee also suffered with epilepsy and other neurological challenges. We had been together 10 years and she never worried about the least thing.

However she had a friend who had other plans in mind.

Though almost 10 years have passed since we were together, I know that she was the most precious, beautiful, childlike joy of my life. Circumstances regarding Koreans' prejudice against the blind brought a wedge as I needed to seek educational training in Korea , the very country where blind people are seen as a curse.



There was a series of catastrophic events that lead to my departure from the west back in 1998. The main driving force came through a government and police action devoid of anything related to the great documents of my country. I suddenly found myself under the influence of several forces at the same time; one was my need for employment as a teacher, a misguided police force and on my final steps towards securing my masters of education degree. Complications came up with my graduate committee for which travel to Korea became the solution.


After my first year in Korea I transferred my teaching location to the beautiful island of Jeju-do. This same year I married a Korean woman and began to discover I had a very wonderful caring Korean family. However, unknown to me Jeju Island had a completely different culture and language than main land Korea. The impact of this foreign culture within a foreign culture for me would set into action forces that would take years for me to understand.


While teaching on Jeju Island what seemed like a foreign attack came upon my country in what is known as the September 11, 2001 attacks. The world tended to see this event through a quite different view points than my own. It seemed for the world it was a shock but for me it was more of same old tactics employed in previous desperate moves to keep the people of that country and indeed the world under control using fear, power and desperation of an over fed, bloated mindless regime trying to gain a bigger portion of the blood they could drink.


While teaching on Jeju Island a typhoon blew in some exciting surf which in fine California style in dove into to find myself in an event that would alter my attitude toward the ocean forever. The date of this event was September 7, 2003.


While riding my high speed race bike in downtown Seogwipo on May 25 at 5:35 PM a large gray 4WD vehicle slammed me to the ground. This event re awoke the monster pain of the 1995 Alaska mountain climb. It got worse and eventually impeded my ability to run.


The pain in my back became so intense that formulating plans from clear reason was virtually impossible. I had to quite teaching after I lost my ability to walk, crawl and eat.


February 19th my father-in-law died. March 19th I flew to Alaska to seek medical help. October 19th I was released from a Korean hospital where I had 13 year old cross from the USA lifted from my back after my Korean wife generously to pay the medical costs. Recovery will take until spring 2008 or longer.


Learned that my relationship is strictly domestic. Prayer lead to reflection on positive memories and began to think back on the last time I was left to a monastic life style. Finding positive memories lead me to think about what I left in the states.

Here in is the glitch. I've had 10 years to see the light and try and understand where the joy of human adult companionship vanished. Lee was blind from birth, but I believe she came into my life to show me how much more blind I am. Now that the light dawns, I pray she is still there.

I spoke with her mother today regarding the glowing memories of years ago. Her voice was filled with encouragement and hopes as we shared concerns over her grandson, his success in life as well as the wonderful opportunities and accomplishments that define the path of her daughter.


I made contact with Lee and found her to be in good spirits. She is very active aiding the community of disabled children in Portland with her musical talents. It was fun to remember the joyful times we shared and she was surprised to discover that I still maintain her amateur radio call sign (NL7YD) she worked so hard to earn.

She informed me that she still has my name and wears the friendship Claddagh ring I gave her before I left for Korea back in 1998. Our conversation was very positive as so much of life was shared through some of the most difficult times; however, in her voice I detected a tone or an air or "sense" that I have detected in every voice I have spoken to in the west.

It would be impossible for me to clearly articulate just what that quality is, but I can say these influences that are broadly associated with the west and its dubious moral anchor began my journey long ago and ultimately placed me far outside harms way. I'm not sure regarding the future of my homeland but I do believe that sensing an on going degeneration of life in general I feel my central efforts should be directed at preserving the beauty of an ancient culture as I see it unwittingly being consumed by the moral decadence imported from the west.

11/28 early morning

I have been informed that all life support medication will be withdrawn during my rehabilitation time.

Something tells me my sentence should end soon.

Spoke with Lee one last time today and made sure all was check both for what was already below the water line and the little that remained above the water line. All water tight doors have been sealed. The bow is greater than buoyancy of the stern and the lights are going out.

Time to rest. Time to pray.



After living 495768 hours since my birth, I have finally discovered that I want to be a good writer of children's stories when I grow up.

(Under Construction so forgive spelling and grammatical errors of this dyslexic dabbler of html) To be continued.


Gadzooks!!  Almost ten years has passed since dinking with my webpage including my biography.  At this point I have had a chance to visit with my high school girl friend (first wife) after she convinced her husband to let to come to their vacation cabin in the local hills.

An experience on a local river has changed my course and life long determination.  

Learning I don’t need a fancy web editor, BECAUSE if one writes something truly useful then there is no need for all the bells and whistles to hold people’s attention.